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Let Your Walls Speak Volumes About Your Artistic Aesthetics

The traditional ways to decorate walls include wallpapers, taxidermy (replica of animal heads), hanging arts, photo frames, wall decals, tapestry, mirrors, metal wall art, and wall sculptures. However, today’s wall decoration has broken the boundaries of wall pieces’ frames and has gone beyond wall pieces and artistic edges.

The home designers and owners consider a complete wall as a piece of canvas and think about decorating the walls themselves rather than displaying objects on the walls. They look for the latest additions in complete wall art services and prefer decorative painting, Venetian plaster, faux finish, photoluminescent paint, or luxury paints to the traditional wall arts.

Decorative Paint: It transforms the surface’s appearance while enhancing the coating’s durability and strength. Decorative paint is available in many styles, designs, and textures. The designers select the technique, color, and way of paint application on a particular wall or any chosen surface. It offers metallic or rust waterproof finishes.

The types of decorative paint include plastic and latex (acrylic and vinyl), synthetic enamel, acrylic enamel, mineral/silicate, and primer paints, besides varnishes. Furthermore, the techniques adopted for decorative paint are Florentine earth, Venetian plaster, Sponge, Rust effect, decorative rollers, and glazes. The homeowners also choose classic, gradient, or vintage styles in decorative paint, depending on their preference.

Venetian Plaster: Venetian plaster, originating in Italy, imitates natural stone surfaces with multi-toned 3D effects, wherein artisans blend lime plaster with marble dust and pigments to make Venetian plaster. Then they trowel it onto walls in several thin layers with short overlapping strokes. Italian decorative style paint company offers Venetian plaster art wall services in Orange County.

Venetian plaster is environment-friendly and highly durable, requiring less maintenance. It makes a statement in wall decor with different finishes and tackles edging around period features, fireplace surrounds, columns and archways. The homeowners can select the best finish out of the popular finishes – Spatulato, Travertine, Smooth, Marmorino, Metallic, or Pitted, among others. Venetian polished plaster provides an ornate, light-reflecting finish, elevating a space and adding a real splash of personality. The Venetian plaster art wall offers a touch of sophistication to the featured wall in a great living space or entrance hall.

Faux Finish: It is a painting that creates texture and nuance, simulating the surfaces of striped wallpaper, suede, fabric, wood, or marble. The faux finish adds texture or dimension to your space. The artisans begin by priming the wall and then covering it with a preferred paint hue. They allow it to dry, apply glaze using different tools and finish it by moving a sponge in a circular motion to remove debris. The basic faux painting techniques include sponging, color washing, rag rolling, marbleizing, crackling, diamonds, stripes, and others. The faux finish has been the hottest trend during 2021 and continues to be the one in 2022, with more innovative styles, patterns, and colors.

Apart from the above-mentioned wall decorations, people like to use photoluminescent or luxury paints. Photoluminescent paint contains phosphor that reflects light for a specific time after exposure to UV rays. At the same time, luxury paints have a Teflon surface protector, making them highly durable and waterproof. Contractors of Venetian plaster wall art services offer other such options to the delight of the designers and homeowners.