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Tips For Hiring The Best Wall Painting Service In Orange County

One of the quickest methods to enhance and raise the value of your property is to paint. A new coat of paint brightens the space and gives the exterior a more modern appearance. Even though painting is a typical DIY activity for most households, you should put in less effort. Consider hiring the best wall painting service in Orange County if you need more time or skills to paint yourself. Professional painters have the personnel to do a project accurately, promptly, and affordably.

What Does A Painter Do For A Living?

Paint is one of many things that painters roll onto your walls. Hiring a professional has the advantage of speedy task completion and thorough preparation and cleanup. You can anticipate the following duties when employing a contractor:

  • To gain access to the sections that need painting, move furniture.
  • The homeowner must normally move small items.
  • Covering any surface that won’t be painted.
  • Filling up holes, smoothing the surface, removing future covers, light sanding, and scraping off loose paint are some surface preparation techniques that can be used before painting.
  • Surface preparation (not always included with base price).
  • Applying two coats of paint to the ceiling and walls.
  • Painting the molding and trim.
  • Corrections for missed areas.
  • Cleaning and tarp/drop cloth removal
  • A final check-up with the homeowner and foreman.

Begin With A Plan

At Ecla Decoration, we believe a thorough plan will help you save time and money. When creating your plan, keep the following in mind:

Is the work inside or outside?

Some painters use different teams to do interior and outside work. Exterior painting is typically weather-dependent. You will need flexibility in your schedule if the day you are supposed to paint is postponed due to inclement weather.

When Do You Want The Painting To Be Finished?

Depending on where you reside in Orange County, only the spring and summer may be suitable for outside painting. Additionally, bad weather can delay the work of the best wall painting services in Orange County.

What Number Of Rooms Do You Want To Be Painted?

If you have more than one room painted, you will probably receive a better price for interior painting. You can end up paying extra for minor work because sending out a crew for one room is not cost-effective.

What Effects Will It Have On Your Work/ Life Balance?

Most respectable businesses demand that the homeowner or another adult be present while the contractors are on the property.

Find Painting Contractors Online

Once your strategy is set, you should begin looking into contractors. A license and current insurance coverage are the minimum requirements for a painting contractor. You can get started by reading reviews and conducting online company research. The best wall painting service in Orange County for the job should have a wealth of expertise working on painting jobs and a big list of pleased clients.

Obtain Referrals

The majority of painters work for small, regional businesses. Services can vary; some do painting, while others include wallpapering, trim and molding work, and plaster repairs. The best sources for selecting a painting contractor are personal recommendations. To find out if your neighbors, friends, or family have recently hired painters, search local community boards or ask around.

Conduct Interviews With Painting Services

It’s best to conduct preliminary interviews over the phone in addition to online research and recommendations.

Here are some inquiries to make:

  • Could you provide a few examples of related work you’ve recently finished?
  • Who will be doing the project’s work? Are they contractors or employees?
  • Do you have a license and insurance? Please include the number on your contractor’s license and your insurance certificate.
  • What paint type and brand do you employ?
  • Does the estimate include the cost of the paint?
  • How many paint coats are present?
  • Would you prefer if the residents weren’t present while the work was being done?
  • What do you anticipate being paid?

Examine Your Top Candidates

You can contact references claiming to be the best wall painting service in Orange County for brief interviews once you’ve reduced your options. This procedure can help you compile a list of businesses to ask for estimates. A few inquiries to put to your references are:

  • Was the project finished on schedule?
  • Were you pleased with the work they did?
  • Has your project exceeded its budget?
  • Were the contractor and any subcontractors courteous and professional?
  • Would you employ them once more?


The best way to ensure that your home will appear excellent is to hire a professional painting service. You will undoubtedly be pleased with the outcome if you plan and prepare with these 5 things in mind. Contact the specialists at Ecla Decoration if you are considering painting your property.